If you love your Kindle, you will love the Paperlike Pro as well. Because it is not backlit, you can use it for hours without eyestrain. That’s a big win for anyone with dry eyes who simply wants to read and write documents or surf the Web. It’s not for gamers or video consumers. I called the tech support regarding an installation question, and I received knowledgeable, speedy and cordial service. By SY8888 

After doing a ton of research, I decided to get this display. E-ink monitors certainly have a way to go as compared to other monitors , but I believe this is the best one on the market.
What I particularly like about it is that you can work in two modes: one optimizes resolution, while the other optimizes speed. So, if I’m going to be on one window or doc for a while, I don’t care so much about refresh rate. But if I’m going to do a lot of navigation, I can compromise the resolution for a much faster speed. You can switch back-and-forth between modes very quickly.
There is, of course, a refresh delay even with the faster speed (you need to wait a fraction of a second to see your cursor moves after you have moved it), but it’s a heck of a lot better than the migraines I get from working many hours on my MacBook laptop.
The driver is not perfect: as yet it will only allow you to mirror your screen, and will not allow you to use it as a second side by side screen. However, they tell me they’re working on this.
It’s incredibly easy to set up: install the driver, plug the monitor in your USB port, run the app and then it’s all set.
One last issue I am having, but I expect will be worked out soon, is that sometimes when my screensaver turns on, the monitor will reset, and I have to unplug and plug it in again and launch the app. Again, this is far from a dealbreaker.
I give this five stars not because it is perfect, but because it is the best option I know of after weeks of research. And the problems that do exist are relatively minor, and I expect to be resolved soon. ByJustin Sigars

This product is perfect if you suffer from Computer Vision Syndrome, it has no backlight ByChris S

“My screen arrived quickly and was easy to hook up. Best of all, when I had an installation question, Chris from Sol replied with the information I needed within an hour. Great product and great service. Thanks!” By Alex T