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Reviews for the Dasung Paperlike E Ink Monitor

I'm actually posting this review because I've been on the computer for three hours straight and my eyes feel fine

on March 1, 2018
Size: Paperlike Pro 13.3″
I got Lasik surgery about three years ago and it made my eyes so light sensitive I can’t even watch TV for longer than an hour without my eyes throbbing the next day. When I use regular LED monitors I even use blue light filters (f.lux) but I still get eyestrain. This device is the only way I can use the computer for a long time without getting eye strain. I’m actually posting this review because I’ve been on the computer for three hours straight and my eyes feel fine.

The only major flaw is that it’s not fast enough for video. It’s just too choppy for video viewing but hopefully a future model will improve on that. Despite this flaw I still give it five stars because my work requires me to be online a lot and without it I’d be unemployed or blind.

Side note: If you use blue light filters (like f.lux) make sure you turn them off before using the E-Ink monitor. The filter will drastically affect the quality of the image on the E-Ink monitor. There’s no point in having a blue light filter on an E-Ink monitor since there is no color.4

Great acquisition

on January 18, 2018

It does what you expect from such a product. Great acquisition.
Arrived on time in perfect condition

on March 19, 2018
Size: Paperlike Pro 13.3″
Arrived on time in perfect condition. I have light sensitivity and this monitor is a game changer for me. I can use my laptop now without getting headaches and eye pain. It is very easy to set up, and works even better than I imagined it would – it is very fast and feels the same speed as my normal monitor. Highly recommend this product if you have any light sensitivity or just want to reduce your time in front a blaring bright computer screen. Also I recommend buying through Amazon (Sol Computer) because you get product support from English speakers in the U.S.

Best on the market; saves me from migraines
on November 24, 2016

After doing a ton of research, I decided to get this display. E-ink monitors certainly have a way to go as compared to other monitors , but I believe this is the best one on the market.What I particularly like about it is that you can work in two modes: one optimizes resolution, while the other optimizes speed. So, if I’m going to be on one window or doc for a while, I don’t care so much about refresh rate. But if I’m going to do a lot of navigation, I can compromise the resolution for a much faster speed. You can switch back-and-forth between modes very quickly.

There is, of course, a refresh delay even with the faster speed (you need to wait a fraction of a second to see your cursor moves after you have moved it), but it’s a heck of a lot better than the migraines I get from working many hours on my MacBook laptop.

The driver is not perfect: as yet it will only allow you to mirror your screen, and will not allow you to use it as a second side by side screen. However, they tell me they’re working on this.

It’s incredibly easy to set up: install the driver, plug the monitor in your USB port, run the app and then it’s all set.

One last issue I am having, but I expect will be worked out soon, is that sometimes when my screensaver turns on, the monitor will reset, and I have to unplug and plug it in again and launch the app. Again, this is far from a dealbreaker.

I give this five stars not because it is perfect, but because it is the best option I know of after weeks of research. And the problems that do exist are relatively minor, and I expect to be resolved soon.

If you love your Kindle
on January 4, 2018
The Paperlike Pro isn’t for everyone. If you love your Kindle, you will love the Paperlike Pro as well. Because it is not backlit, you can use it for hours without eyestrain. That’s a big win for anyone with dry eyes who simply wants to read and write documents or surf the Web. It’s not for gamers or video consumers. I called the tech support regarding an installation question, and I received knowledgeable, speedy and cordial service.
No more headaches from my computer
on November 23, 2016
This product is perfect if you suffer from Computer Vision Syndrome, it has no backlight.

Reviews for the Pixel Qi Display With Controller Board

Great monitor
 By Amazon Customer December 14, 2017
Great customer service!
 By Byron January 21, 2018