If you love your Kindle, you will love the Paperlike Pro as well. Because it is not backlit, you can use it for hours without eyestrain. That's a big win for anyone with dry eyes who simply wants to read and write documents or surf the Web. It's not for gamers or video consumers. I [...]

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Purchase the Dasung Display on Amazon

We are currently sold out of the Dasung Display. However you can purchase them on our Amazon store. Here is the Link, https://www.amazon.com/gp/offer-listing/B075FL8DKV/ref=dp_olp_new_mbc?ie=UTF8&condition=new. Use code SOLCOMP5 to receive a $100 discount. We will have more in stock on the SOL website in February. Thanks!!  

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New Paperlike Pro is Amazing

We are done testing and the Pro is "BOSS" With the new HDMI cable connection it's amazing. We are taking pre-orders now. Go to https://www.solcomputer.com/product/dasung-paperlike-pro-monitor/ We will be shipping end of this month. Thanks for your patience.  

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Dasung Paperlike Pro is being tested

8/2/2017 Dasung has sent me a demo of their new unit. I am currently testing it. Here are some pics and the spec sheet. It is a USB powered, HDMI connected monitor. If testing goes will we will ship in Sept. English

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We have Dasung Paperlike News!!!

5/19/17 I received an email today from Dasung. I will share it with you, Hello Chris, We haven't done user manual. I can type some important info for you. But some info still are secret yet. HDMI connection. Resolution: 2200*1650 13.3" Carta screen Faster than old version.(No mouse delay) It can watch video well! It [...]

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We are Sold out

We want to thank all of you for your business. Because of this great response we are sold out of the Dasung Paperlike. Here is what happened. The monitors are made by Dasung in China. The Chinese government purchased all of the Dasung's stock. They are installing the monitors in all of the court systems [...]

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