Sunlight Readable SOL Tablet and SOL Netbook

SOL Computer sells mobile computing products for People on the Go. Our Sunlight Readable Netbook and Sulight ReadableTablet PC utilize Pixel Qi’s patented LCD technology  that are built into all of our sunlight readable computers. Our mobile computers 10.1 SOL Netbook and SOL Tablet PCs LED anti-reflective screen make them "Sunlight Readable" in any light condition.  No more LED Screen Glare when using your mobile computer outdoors, in the car, or at work. All of today's top mobile computing netbooks and PC tablets LED displays suffer from screen glare from all light sources, especially outdoors in bright sunlight.  Our SOL Netbook and SOL Tablet PC™ can be viewed perfectly outdoors as well as indoors - with NO SCREEN GLARE. They are perfect for people who need to use their mobile computer netbook-pc tablets while on the go or in offices that have bright lighting.  Use your sunlight readable SOL Tablet or NetBook™ anywhere—the brighter the sunlight the better!  With an ordinary netbook or tablet computer LED display, the light is provided by a lamp behind the display screen and consumes half the power just for the back lighting. A transflective display (such as used by the Kindle or other E-book readers) has no back lighting and is illuminated by ambient light so it uses very little power and is viewable in direct sunlight.  Like standard backlit LED Displays, the sunlight readable SOL Tablet or NetBook™ display renders quality full-color images, full-motion video, and high screen brightness.  Our netbooks and tablet pcs come with a FULL ONE YEAR MANUFACTURER'S WARRANTY - we also provide excellent CUSTOMER SUPPORT.

This transflective-sunlight readable technology allows you to go from direct sunlight to darkness with no loss of readability. When the anti reflective SOL Tablet or SOL NetBook™ is in full sunlight (reflective mode), LED power consumption is cut by up to 80%, allowing for extended battery life!  Now that is Green ComputingTechnology. At Sol we pride ourselves on providing the best in mobile computing - sunlight readable10" netbook-tablet pc and that is why both our mobile computer products, the 10.1 Windows 7 netbook and tablet pc are built for People on the Go. 

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